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Posted by Philippa Sewell

Heacham Green TeamLids, Lids and more Lids

A  huge well done to everyone collecting lids and tops, Pat Diggins took our first carload of cartons stuffed full of lids over to the Matthew Project in October.  We also visited the Infants’ School so hopefully the children have got Mums and Dads collecting lids too, there will be a green bin in the school playground for you to pop your empty milk cartons filled with lids into.

Living Lightly

Heacham Green Team is staging its first event on Saturday 2 November courtesy of St Mary’s Church Heacham.  It is a chance to meet the Team and  pick up a few ideas from Improving your composting, What’s so important about Fair Trade food, Testing out the newest electric cars to Hearing about the right green energy for you and of course recycling.  The name of our event is Living Lightly and it is taken from Dr Ruth Valerio, founder of A Rosha who will be giving a talk in the afternoon


Many of you make good use of social media to sell or giveaway items.  We would like to introduce you to Freegle which is an innovative online reuse service successfully operating across the country, run entirely by volunteers. It provides a way for people with unwanted items to get in touch with others who can make use of them, thus reducing the amount sent to landfill. Norfolk & Waveney Freegle is part of the national Freegle movement and has thousands of active members.  Freegle is free, easy to use and accepts almost anything.  Whether items are in perfect condition, or a bit tired or broken in some way (or even if you think it’s junk) someone else can probably make use of it!  Recent offers: furniture, electrical goods, bicycles, clothes, toys, garden plants, firewood, tools, fabric scraps, jam jars, magazines, a trampoline and a Hop ‘n’ Pop (no, I don’t know what that is either, but someone will!)  Thanks to generous support from The Big Lottery Fund and others a new website was launched last summer, designed by the volunteers who run the service, based on their experience and members’ feedback over the years.This allows items to be offered and requested even more easily, and you can tailor your area as you wish, from your local village only to the whole of the county. Why not become a Freegler and have a look at what others are offering, and be inspired to offer your unwanted clutter?! norfolkfreegle.org.uk/. If you need any assistance our local volunteers will be happy to help: help@norfolkfreegle.org. See the local volunteers at the Green Team’s Living Lightly event on 2 November. (Thanks to Beth Winsor for the info)


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