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Advertising on Norfolk-On-Line

You choose - have your website designed, get your website linked to relevant local websites so that it gets promoted or just have your own personal page on a Norfolk-On-Line local site and treat it like your own website.  Your own personal page on this site is only £60pa.  Please note that advertisements linking to your page incur an additional charge depending on how large you wish to go.  The minimum would be £95pa and for the round £100pa could include a domain name too.  This means you get a very low cost web presence as you have no other additional costs such as hosting. Rotating advert entries are offered with all advertisments:

The number of entries into the random advertising increase according to the size of box advertisement - ie a one column box gives you one entry; a two column box gives you two entries, a three column box gives you three entries and a four column gives you four entries.  You may replace your rotating box advert with your own logo but it must fit in the box.

We also host websites at £6 per month

A sliding scale of charges exist across the Norfolk-On-Line family of websites.  This means the more local sites your advert is repeated on the lower the cost across the board and you are reaching more local communities.


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